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By: Sabrina Cipriani – Photos: by Tomasz Pedzisz This past weekend wasn’t only about father’s day; it was official fun in the mud weekend! St. Bruno-de Montarville hosted the Mud Hero Race. Starting at 9:30 am, every half hour, a ...

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The boot is on the other foot

By; Dan Laxer – Did I miss something? No arrests? No riot gear? What kind of a Montreal protest was this? Some protests are more legitimate than others, I suppose. The very people we turn to in times of extreme need were ...

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No to bars opening till 6 AM

By: Sabrina Cipriani The decision has been made, the Quebec liquor board has said no about the idea of allowing bars to stay open till 6am. The Mayor of Montreal recently said in an interview, “Listen, we are a metropolis. If ...

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