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Caring for Baby’s Skin

Baby’s Skin – Newborns and sensitive skin are a given. Keeping baby’s skin healthy is an important consideration. We believe in natural baby skin care. We believe less is more. A newborn needs minimal in body lotions and creams. Most experts ...

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Absolutely Natural – Miss leading labels!

Health – We hear this all the time from our customers. You are frustrated with the marketing out there. You so diligently inspect the label in the store. You see the ‘all natural’, ‘organic’ inscribed on products. You purchase what you think ...

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Mineral Oil? Yes or No?

Mineral Oil Definition: Noun: a distillation product of petroleum, especially one used as a lubricant, moisturizer, or laxative.  The Debate: Is mineral oil safe for the skin? Finding the answer can be confusing. Some say yes. Some say no. We do ...

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