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Who really wants driverless cars?

Driverless cars – I attended a recent talk where a prominent local politician extolled the benefits of driverless cars. Apparently all major car manufacturers are racing to be among the first with this new technology. I kept wondering, what is ...

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Get ready for a greener but slower economy

Greener but slower economy  – Canadians have generally accepted that carbon pricing is necessary to save the planet. But as taxes and consumer costs rise, promised green jobs fail to materialize and few others in the world seem serious about ...

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Sorry is more than just a word: show that you mean it

It’s traditional to head into a new year full of resolve fuelled by last year’s regret. Our commitment to renewed discipline, diets and dream-achieving over the coming 12 months is all too often driven by short-term overindulgence during Christmas festivities. More importantly, ...

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