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Lifting the Veil on my Kippah

By: Dan Laxer – This human tragedy in the Middle East is eating me up inside. Just that sentence alone is going to get me into trouble with at least two communities because I called it a “human” tragedy, as ...

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Why I LUV Goats

by Bonnie Wurst – Montreal Times I LUV goats! Yes, goats. The domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) is a close relative of the sheep – but they don’t ‘Baa’ like sheep, their bleating is more of a ‘Maa’, with a little ...

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In The GOOD News Today!

by Bonnie Wurst – Montreal Times Bad news, it’s easy to find. It’s in our face. We are drawn to it every day by newspaper headlines, the internet, television, radio and smart phones. It’s discussed with co-workers, friends, neighbours and even ...

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