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Penalty for expression

By:  Janice Burdon   I was so distressed about the Charter of Values after hearing about it that I couldn’t sleep one night.  How could it have come to this?  How can people be so intolerant of one another?  How far does ...

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Money for thought

By: Lama Farran We are all familiar, to varying extents, with the Law of Attraction. To summarize it in one simple sentence, this law states that “You attract what you believe in”. The other day, I came across this Law formulated ...

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Charter of values is taking it too far

By Alyssa De Rosa   A major protest against the Parti Québécois’s proposed charter of values drew over 1000 people on Saturday afternoon in downtown Montreal. This multicultural protest is the first of its kind, and united all members of the Muslim, ...

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