Nocturnal Night at Montreal’s Museum of Modern Art

Nocturnal Night at Montreal’s Museum of Modern Art

Montreal’s Museum of Modern Art, is offering a unique urban and creative experience in the heart of downtown. From 5pm until 2am, the museum will be open to everyone starting this Friday the 15th until Saturday the 16th.

The museum has organised an entire event tailored around the expositions. For 15$ (or FREE if you’re a member), you’ll be able to walk around the following expositions:

  1. Maison des Ombres Multiples d’Olafur Eliasson
  2. A la Recherche d’Expo 67
  3. Terre des Femmes
  4. L’état du Monde
  5. The Video Installation Project 1.10 de Hajra Waheed
  6. Paperwork and the Will of the Capital de Taryn Simon

If you want to learn more about the current expositions at the museum, there will be interactive visits throughout the night: 7:30pm / 8pm / 8:30pm / 9pm .

On top of the expositions, the Museum of Modern Art have organised creative workshops from 6pm until 12pm, for you to explore your inner artist. You’ll be able to create futuristic looking architectural models and sketches inspired by “A la Recherche D’Expo 67”.

During the entire event, there will be DJ Hatchmatik performing vibrant music from 5pm until 8pm and from 8pm until 2am Maddielonglegz and M.Bootyspoon will be performing. An open bar and some snacks will be provided. As usual, there will be staff around the venue to answer any questions you may have on the event or the exhibitions.

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Where: 185 Sainte-Catherine Ouest Montreal

When: Friday 15th & Saturday 16th from 5pm until 2am

How much: Non-Member 15$ and FREE for members

By: Elsa-Maret –

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