Jeff Goldblum Gala mediocre & The David Cross Gala hilarious

Jeff Goldblum Gala mediocre & The David Cross Gala hilarious

By: Andrew Pinck –

The Just for Laughs comedy galas are generally a hit or a miss throughout the month. Jeff Goldblum, mostly known for his work on smash Sci-Fi hits like Jurassic Park or The Fly, attempts a night at hosting a comedy gala here in Montreal. Goldblum is quite self-aware of his awkward demeanor and iconic pattern of speech in which he played off throughout the night. He also engaged in some audience participation during the night which rather than coming off as funny, came off as more awkward and uncomfortable.


Though the host is really the draw of these shows, the different comedians really are the main focus. Unlike Jeff, many of the acts deserved the laughs they got rather than the pity laughs preceded. Godfrey was defiantly the highlight of the show. He discussed airplanes and church, which are some of the most overused, played-out topics in comedy, but he still managed to create a fresh spin on the subject, which landed perfectly amongst the audience. Charlie Pickering was also quite an interesting act to watch. Rather then going the usual story method comedians are attracted too, he decided to go for a more philosophical route questioning why humans don’t strive to do anything great again. He used 1969, or the first time man landed on the moon, as an example of the last time mankind did anything collectively amazing.


Adam Ferrara closed the show, which sadly, was not the best choice. Perhaps it is because the show felt too long or because Ferrara had no idea how to grip the audience. Many of his jokes fell unfortunately flat amongst the crowd. I found myself answering texts messages and deciding where to eat after the show during this “grand finale”. All around the Goldblum Gala was a mediocre experience, half-filled with snickers and pity laughs. Latter in the evening was the David Cross Gala. Cross is known for his sketch comedy with his good friend Bob Odenkirk in such hit television shows like Mr. Show with Bob and David and W/ Bob and David. David Cross was defiantly one my favorites. While The Jeff Goldblum Gala took more of a PG-13 approach, David’s Gala was defiantly filled with dark comedy touching on some very serious subjects.


This style of comedy is expected by David Cross, and really landed well with the audience. The comedians introduced by David followed this exact style of comedy, and was quite hilarious. Nish Kumar and Mark Forward were especially unique with their delivery and style of comedy, discussing how chess is essentially tactical racism and the convenience of a fancy hat. The only downside of the show was the act by Maria Bamford, which fell flat amongst the audience. Many of her jokes revolved around fart noises and odd menopause jokes.

All around The Jeff Goldblum Gala was mediocre at best given its censored humour and weaker jokes, while The David Cross Gala served to be hilarious given its uncensored jokes.

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