Montreal Canadiens Weekly Report Card: Week 10 & 11 – Down and Almost Out!

Montreal Canadiens Weekly Report Card: Week 10 & 11 – Down and Almost Out!

A few weeks ago I had mentioned that by December 14th we would see what direction the Montreal Canadiens would be heading.  So, we are December 18th and the Canadiens are 7 points out from a wild-card spot and are a game below 500. As of right now, the direction the Canadiens is all south.

This week’s review is a combination of week 10 and 11.  After their season high 5 game winning streak, the Habs went down back to Earth with 3 straight losses to St. Louis, Calgary and Edmonton. The Habs did get a win against the New Jersey Devils but fell totally flat against the Ottawa Senators at the NHL 100 centennial game.

The Canadiens started their longest road trip of the season on a shutout loss in Ottawa and now take their game to the West Coast.  The Canadiens have one last hope and need to go 800 on this road trip to stay in wild-card contention or come 2018, Marc Bergevin can kiss his job goodbye and the Canadiens will have to break-up to make-up.

With one win in 5 games. The usual issues are still plaguing the Canadiens. Offence, powerplay, face-offs and chemistry. Max Pacioretty continues be unseen this season. He has only 8 goals in 33 games and is a -11. Drouin and Galchenyuk are not playing well at their positions. No line chemistries whatsoever.

So my grade on the Habs past 2 weeks is a D-. The Habs are down and almost out of any playoff contention. This road trip could the final TKO.

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