Montreal Canadiens Weekly Report: Week 1 – Nothing To Worry About Right?

Montreal Canadiens Weekly Report: Week 1 – Nothing To Worry About Right?

First off, the Habs weekly report will be quick summary of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team. A recap of the games played from Monday to Sunday and an overall grade of the Habs play.  I’ll also offer some upcoming Habs info that will happen during the current week.

Please note the weekly report card will become bigger and more detailed as more games are played.

So, lets get things started…

Week 1:

Record: 1-2-0

My Habs Player of the week:  Max Paciorety (1 goal and 13 shots on net)


For the past 2 seasons the Montreal Canadiens have gotten off to positive starts and all was well in the city. However, 3 games in and there negative talk has already begun.

Canadiens’ kicked their 2017-18 season off in Buffalo with an alright performance getting a shootout win. But, if it wasn’t for Carey Price, don’t think the result would have been the same.

Then came the weekend. Back-to-back road games in Washington and New York (Rangers), and well, lets just say the Habs are happy to be home now for the opener at the Bell Centre.

Here are the key points from the 1st week

– 1 goal in 3 games

– Transition game from defence to offence is pretty weak

– Defence got exposed pretty badly against Washington

– Drouin at center will be something to watch during the 1st 15 games

– Game of chances. Haps did have a lot of chances agains the Rangers

Overall Report Card:


Habs need to get to quick starts so that they can control the game.  They seem to play better as the game goes on but they need to carry the momentum for a full 60 minutes. It is the first week so there shouldn’t be nothing to worry about. But, these are the Montreal Canadiens and we know how this city can get. So, we do have to worry!

Week ahead:

Canadiens only play 2 games including their home opener against the Blackhawks and the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday.

On an ouch note, what about those Leafs? 😐

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