Frank Carnuccio, realtor; A success story based on passion and discipline…

Frank Carnuccio, realtor; A success story based on passion and discipline…


Success in business comes from a combination of discipline and passion.

Each day for me begins at 5:30 AM; I go through my “to do” list that I planned a week before. I am in the office early every morning. Discipline is also having a system where you can immediately address problems, file due dates, and various conditions.

Of course, discipline must always be accompanied by PASSION. I am deeply passionate about my work and I enjoy every day that I spend negotiating, buying and selling properties for my costumers. I bring nearly 30 years of experience to the table when negotiating for my customers. I also do everything possible to keep both buyer and vendor satisfied with the each deal.

I measure success by the hard work that made me a stronger person today.

After so many years in business, I am no longer dependent on making quick sales; I love the freedom of handling business my way, as well as choosing who I want to work with. I wish to have more fun whether; while at work or negotiating deals for customers.

I have sold over $400 million dollars of real estate during my career, including over $30 million dollars in 2013. This is a lot of real estate and I have a lot of experience!

I consider my greatest accomplishment to be helping young couples and families to become very successful and very wealthy because of a plan we put together. Typically, we would create a target, and then follow the path of toward creating these fortune portfolios. Some people I spoke to 20 and 25 years ago are still thanking me. There is no bigger source of pride, for me personally, than to seeing “regular people” become part of the “nouveaux riches” and better improve their situation thanks to financial planning that we composed together.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling, call me; I… sell!

Frank Carnuccio


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