Montreal pirate Jess Abran releases new single – Fallout

Montreal pirate Jess Abran releases new single – Fallout

By Chloë Bellande – 

You’ve probably heard of her or seen her face somewhere, as Jess Abran was a host at the Montreal Comiccon, MTL Blog and Gamernerdz (online). But she is first and foremost a musician and performer, whose travels along with her traits have garnered her the name “Montreal Pirate”. Born and raised in the Laurentians, Jess started performing music at age 12, and quickly got picked up by Paul Northfield, Producer to the stars, who helped her produce her 1st EP “NAÏVE”.

Today, she released her new single “FALLOUT”, a song about the Fallout game series. “I’m a huge gamer! Or I was before I started working in the gaming industry 40hrs a week”, said Jess, giggling. “I was a huge FALLOUT fan ever since I was a kid and I remember being blown away when Fallout 3 came out on Playstation”. Jess grew up in the 90s with a musical flare for the Trip/Hop era. As said by some of the media, “her vocals are reminiscent of the likes of Bjork & Alanis Morissette and together they are haunting”.


Constantly on the hunt for new opportunities and collaborations, Jess Abran is a hard working, driven and determined young woman who’s vocals and looks have granted her a growing fan base from both her music career and her freelance entertainment hosting. “Performing my music in front of an audience, I would say is the most nerve wracking. I’m up there like an open book for everyone to see”, she said, when I asked her about her life, as a public figure. “As much as I love the trill and adrenaline, I also feel very exposed and kind of naked! I don’t think that’s something I’m ever going to get used to.”

Between meeting her producer back in her senior year of high school, her soul searching trip to Germany and her rising career in entertainment, Jess said that her most overwhelming and life changing moment was her first trip to Los Angeles, in October 2012. She played a small part in a feature film that was nominated for the Hollywood Discovery Awards, and she got to tag along with the director and attend the A-Listers award gala. That opportunity allowed her to network and open doors for her music career, as she got to meet up with her producer who happened to be in Los Angeles at the same time, and spend the day jamming out with the Suicidal Tendencies (a very respectable, old school punk rock band).

Despite her busy yet exciting life in Montreal, Jess only feels home at heart back in the Laurentians, Québec, where she grew up. “Whenever I go home, I realize what it’s like to breathe again and truly feel relaxed”, she said, but that won’t stop me from going where I need to be. I’m a leaf in the wind and I go where it takes me, for now”.

To watch the music video of her single FALLOUT, and keep up with her career:



Twitter: @jessabran



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