Montreal Times pet of the week Elli

Montreal Times pet of the week Elli

Elli, a German Shorthaired Pointer living in Pierrefonds, was 11 years old when Siobhan Martel rescued her from a very bad situation. She was part of an animal hoarder’s collection and had spent many years in a cage. She was filthy and very frightened and he was told she might have to be put down because of the horrible condition she was in.

Elli was thrilled to be let out of her cage and be able to bounce around. Three years later, she’s still very healthy – and smells much better.

“I thought I was getting a frail, docile senior. I was wrong,” Siobhan said. “Elli is an exuberant, bouncy bundle of senile joy who loves running around, pointing at things and lounging on ‘her’ couch. She is the proud (but bewildered) nanny of two young cats and the bane of her long-suffering husky brother’s existence.”

“As a Pointer, she considers it her solemn duty to inform me of the whereabouts of any small animals (or plastic bags, or imagined things) that she sees outside by going very still, lifting one paw and pointing at them with her nose. She is very good at pointing, even though both her vision and hearing are starting to go.”

Elli is still full of life and is even learning new tricks, albeit at a much slower pace.

“We’re working on ‘sitting pretty’ and spinning in a circle… she’s a very, very sweet dog who loves everyone she meets and takes good care of the cats. They come and request cleaning from her regularly and she makes sure they stay well groomed – or at least adequately slobbered on. Elli loves staring out the window (Elli TV!) and she’s gaining the confidence needed to bark at ‘enemy dogs’ who walk by.”

Now 14 years old, she is teaching them all what it’s like to be young at heart.


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