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Lolë White Tour 2018

Yoga – Since 2012, the Lolë sports team have united over 65,000 yogis from all around the world to join their annual event. Dressed in white, a community of like-minded people come together to practise yoga and mediate in a ...

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NEW: Evening Snowshoeing up Mont Royal

Sport – Taking walks up the Mont-Royal is beautiful no matter the time of year, but in Winter, there’s always something magical about taking an afternoon hike up it with your friends. The organisation “J’aime Le Mont-Royal”, has put together ...

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Best Spinning Studios in Montreal

Spinning Studios – If you’re looking to get back into shape, spinning classes are a great way to burn calories. Cycling is known to be the best the most effective cardiovascular workout, burning over 700 calories in just one class. ...

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