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Mitchell’s Bad Tackle

  By Bonnie Wurst – When I heard the news about Alouettes Defensive Lineman, Khalif Mitchell, tweeting a link to a recent YouTube video called ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Told – The Holocaust’ I was thoroughly dismayed. The video, which I chose ...

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Mayan Conundrum Stardate 66437.4

By: Bonnie Wurst – It’s been three years since the most popular countdown to the ‘End of the World’ came and went. The ominous prophecies based on the Mayan calendar never materialized. According to the predictions, 2012 was supposed to ...

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The Granny Revolution!

By Bonnie Wurst – Granny Nanny had enough and she was going to do something about it. Picking up her Apple-Pie Pad she began composing a message: ‘CODE SILVER: Ladies, it’s time! Get your knickers on. The Day of Revolution is ...

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