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Coin Collecting – Why?

By Michael Joffre –   The other day, someone came in our office with a group of coins, and during my conversation with them they asked “why would anyone collect coins?”.  Well here are some of my reasons…perhaps you have yours… ...

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Coin Collecting – Canadian Silver Dollars

  By: Michael Joffre –   Unfortunately for collectors, Canada fazed out silver coin production in the late 60s, just as coin collecting was reaching a peak in popularity. At this time, many mints around the world were starting to produce special ...

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Canada’s 1949 Silver Dollar

By: Michael Joffre –   If you collect Canadian silver dollars, one of your favourites is certainly the 1949. Artistically, it is certainly the most beautiful of the 1935-1967 series of silver coins. It was issued to commemorate the entry of Newfoundland ...

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