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Once Upon An Election Time

By: Bonnie Wurst –               Once upon a time in a land far, far away -far away fromMiami Beach, California, Hawaii and many other fun in the sun destinations, lived five politicians; Stiffen Harpo, Tummy Mudclair,Justsocute Truedough, Lizabet Maybe and ...

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Cecil the Lion

By: Dan Laxer – Show of hands: how many of you had ever heard of Cecil the Lion before he was killed? Hm. That’s not many. Yet for days Cecil has been the most trending thing on social media, with most ...

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The Incontinent Gardener

by Bonnie Wurst–     THE SCENE OF THE CRIME: Duplex across the street, small garden in front. VICTIM: Wild lavender plants (lavandulaangustifolia) – brutally slaughtered. SUSPECT: The Incontinent Gardener. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny morning. Birds were chirping away and ...

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