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Anti-Semitic Vandalism

By Dan Laxer –  A couple of weeks ago I waxed cynically about JDL-Canada’s foray into Montreal. Today I awoke to news, as we all did, of an anti-Semitic incident in a parking garage in an NDG apartment building. The crime, ...

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Je Suis Charlie

By Dan Laxer – Am I Charlie? No. But I almost have to say that I am to avoid the accusation that I do not stand for free expression. Which I do. To a point. The Charlie Hebdo killings happened in ...

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Why I LUV Goats

by Bonnie Wurst – Montreal Times I LUV goats! Yes, goats. The domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) is a close relative of the sheep – but they don’t ‘Baa’ like sheep, their bleating is more of a ‘Maa’, with a little ...

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