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Books you should read in February


Books – One of your new year resolutions might have been to get your nose stuck in more books, or you might have an extremely busy schedule and you’re looking to wind down and take some time for yourself. No matter the reason, reading is always beneficial for your well-being and to stay up do date with what’s being talked and written about. So here’s a selection of some of the books we’ve been enjoying in January, that you’ll hopefully pick up in February. Enjoy !

Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman

Recently adapted into a major motion picture, Call Me By Your Name is both a coming of age and a coming out story. A beautiful meditation on time, love and desire, André Aciman heartbreaklingy captures the pain when you love someone you have to let go. The love story between 17 year old Elio and 24 year old postgraduate student, Oliver, is a reflexion of self discovery and unashamed skin-to-skin contact with one another. The title of the novel reflects their relationship throughout the narrative, one of invitation and of elegy. Set in Italy in the 1980s, the novel not only depicts a truly honest encounter, but also Jewish traditions, art, literature, archaeology and languages. If you’re looking for a love story between two beautiful souls, this book is for you.

Call Be My Your Name
Call Be My Your Name by André Aciman

Mortality by Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens was an English writer and journalist, with degrees in philosophy, political science and science of economics. Many of his essays reflect political and religious issues, leading him to often be regarded as a controversial figure to some. His last novel, Mortality, is a reflection on his views on religion, the importance of love, friendships and solidarity in times of need. The memoir consists of seven chapters previously sent to Vanity Fair as separate essays. Now compiled into a novel, the final chapter consists of his unfinished words and “fragmentary jottings” that he wrote in his terminal days. If you’re looking for a reflection on life, love, religion and meaning of life in the face of death, pick up this book.

Mortality by Christopher Hitchens

Hemingway in Love His Own Story by A. E Hotchner

In one word, this book is beautiful. Hotchner offers a truly honest account of his time spent with Hemingway, accompanying him on his travels and giving him advice in times of need. The novel follows Hemingway as he struggles with love and loving two women at once, Pauline and Hadley. Often tarnished by his reputation, this honest account of Hemingway depicts a man who struggled with love, not knowing what to do and being heartbroken. If you’ve never read any of Hemingway’s poetry or prose, this book will kick-start a loving obsession over his writing, trust me, I’m now well into his third novel…

Hemingway in Love His Own Story
Hemingway in Love His Own Story by A.E Hotchner

The Inner Life of Animals by Peter Wohlleben

The Inner Life of Animals offers an account of Peter Wholleben’s love for animals and what he has observed in nature and in animals throughout his life. It offers us an insight into the feelings and lives of domestic and wild animals, opening up some truths about the inner life of animals. Peter Wholleben makes you question your relationship to all animals, especially wild ones, and takes the time to poetically capture the lives of the animals he encounters. The Inner Life of Animals is an honest and true account of the love he feels to living creatures around us and how we should really be treating them as equals.

The Inner Life of Animals
The Inner Life of Animals by Peter Wohlleben
By: Elsa-Maret- mtltimes.ca
By: Elsa-Maret- mtltimes.ca


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