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For the past dozen years, the first Book Banter column of the new year always meant taking one last look at the year before and see which books stood out for me over the previous 12 months. This past year, like ever other year, I...

Scotty by Ken Dryden review

On December 20, 2019

The subtitle to this newly-released biography of legendary NHL coach Scotty Bowman reads as “A Hockey Life Like No Other”. And it certainly does justice to Bowman and his Hall of.


Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow

In Books
On November 26, 2019
Catch and Kill - Probably the biggest news story of this decade was the downfall of Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, the meteoric rise of the Me Too movement, and the snowballing effect towards increased awareness of sexual harassment and sexual assault in today’s society....

Mobituaries by Mo Rocca

On November 6, 2019

In the days when print newspapers reigned, it was not uncommon for an aspiring reporter’s first assignment at the newspaper that they hoped to build a journalistic career was to.

For many North Americans, when you think of Greek food, souvlaki, yero, doner, feta cheese and moussaka usually come to mind. [caption id="attachment_59876" align="aligncenter" width="300"] (Skyhorse Publishing, $33.99)[/caption] However, Greek cuisine differs according to what region of Greece it originated from. For Montreal filmmaker and...
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