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Stan Lee likes Free Comic Book Day and you should too! CLICK HERE to check out what Stan has to say about Free Comic Book Day, which takes place on the first Saturday in May! You get comics for FREE just by going to a...
By Stuart Nulman   Up, Up and Away! by Jonah Keri (Random House Canada, $32)   During the final weekend of this March, nearly 90,000 rabid Montreal baseball fans filled the cavernous Olympic Stadium to watch a two-game pre-season series between the Toronto Blue Jays...

An Absent Mind by Eric Rill

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On March 22, 2014
By Stuart Nulman   An Absent Mind by Eric Rill (Avante Press, $17)   Since the first patient was diagnosed with a certain form of dementia by German physician Dr. Alois Alzheimer in 1906, this dreaded disease that severely attacks and deteriorates a person’s cognitive...
By Stuart Nulman   Portrait of a Scandal by Elaine Kalman Naves (Vehicule Press, $18)   If you thought the growing concern of abortion and abortion clinics in Canada began with the late Dr. Henry Morgenthaler back in the early 1970s, think again.   Over...
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