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The art of complaining is a rather doubled-edged sword. How do we raise our voices effectively to get what we want without being intimidating, or annoying, like Lisa Simpson? Amy Fish career Montreal writer Amy Fish has practically made a career out of complaining. She...

Working by Robert A. Caro

In Books
On June 14, 2019
For the past 45 years, best selling author Robert A. Caro has set the bar quite high when it comes to writing biographies of powerful people. And yet during that four-and-a-half decade period, Caro has concentrated his diligent, exhaustive efforts in biography towards only two...

Howard Stern Comes Again

On June 7, 2019

Radio shock jock Howard Stern has been regarded as shocking, inappropriate, controversial, obnoxious, sexist and vulgar. However, throughout his more than 40 year-career in radio, first on commercial radio and.

Dirty Rags by Stick

On April 22, 2019

When Montreal author “Stick” (aka Jon Reisler) published his first collection of engrossing short stories My Dirty Clothes, I realized how dog-eat-dog the garment (or “schmatta”) industry in this city.

On the morning of April 28, 1986, a fire broke out in the Central Library building of the Los Angeles Public Library in the city’s downtown area. The damage was not only destructive to the then-60-year-old structure, it reached devastating levels for its collection of...
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