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I came to hear Angela

In Art
On November 19, 2016
I came to hear Angela’s story. But I got so much more. “I was born in Hell,” she says. In a giant cemetery where every footfall disturbs an unmarked grave. Angela was born in Auschwitz. Say that out loud a few times. “Born in Auschwitz.”...

MWOS 80 Minute World Tour

On November 19, 2016

The Montreal West-End Operatic Society (MWOS) cordially invites music lovers of all ages to join them in this season's musical adventures. This year MWOS is going off the beaten path.

The Rocky Horror Show

On November 1, 2016

Theatrically speaking (Montreal theatrically speaking, that is), the live production of “The Rocky Horror Show” at the MainLine Theatre (located at 3997 St. Laurent Boulevard) is the perfect solution for.

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