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Bat signal in Montreal

In Montreal , Movies
On October 1, 2019
Batman, an icon of pop culture, just turned 80, and the occasion was marked in Montreal and other cities, by projecting the bat signal on a building.  In our case on one at the Emilie Gamelin Square. [caption id="attachment_59700" align="aligncenter" width="525"] Commissioner Gordon using the...
The Parc cordially invites you to come to the Aquatic Complex for movie nights unlike any other. Three times during the summer season, the diving pool will be welcoming swimmers to watch a movie projected on the screen while they're comfortably seated in their buoys....
One simple rule in making movies is that if you are going to make a three-hour film, you better have a good reason and, especially, an outstanding story to keep the audience sitting in the theatre all that time. Mexican director and protagonist of this...
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