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How to drink wine like an Italian

In Food , Wine
On January 25, 2017
il vino fa buon sangue Italy is considered the home country of wine, one of Italians' pastime is drinking wine. Wine is not just a “ drink” like coke or 7-up in Italy, but it is part of local habits and culture, especially when eating...

Memorable wines and spirits of 2016

In Wine
On December 29, 2016
By New Year’s Eve, I contemplate on the wines that I had for the previous year .and look ahead for the year to come. I enjoyed a good share of New World wines and discover some new ones  such as the Balkans and stick to...

Tourtiere and wine pairings

On December 16, 2016

What says Christmas  Season more than tables full  with steaming, flaky, busting-out-the-crusty-corners pies? Tourtieres, chicken and  pot pies, syrupy fruit pies, sugar pies. In history, that food group may just.

Umbria’s secret wines

On November 4, 2016

Umbria is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy and yet waiting to be discovered. Often well known  as the “green heart of Italy” the region has verdant, rolling.

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