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Montreal Restaurants

Montreal Restaurants

Bordeaux wine - Prestige, accomplishment and a sense of self-actualization. Have you ever felt those feelings when buying a bottle of wine?. I have many times and it happened first when I bought my first fine Bordeaux wine. My introduction to fine Bordeaux was Les...

Rose wines to try

On May 22, 2020

Rose wines to try - It smells like garrigue, the beach and summer vacations in France. This gulp of sensations came to mind when I opened the Beatines 2018 on.


Risotto and wine pairings

In Wine
On May 14, 2020
During these uncertain times we all need our dose of comfort food and for me its Risotto. This classic Italian rice dish can be composed with multiple ingredients such as mushrooms, seafood and even Rapini. Hand by hand, Risotto and wine pairings make a perfect match. The...
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