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Wines to go with Tapas

In Food , Wine
On July 8, 2020
One of the main features of Spanish gastronomy is tapas and in this article we will show you a few wines to go with Tapas. Tapas in general are small amounts of food that are served in bars to accompany a drink. In Spain it...

With summer season officially established, picnics and camping are in full swing and there is nothing more delightful than a picnic on a warm summer day. Read on for perfect.

Greek wines & Islands

On June 23, 2020

In my early days of wine drinking I didn’t know much about Greek wines. Greece was a country with strange sounding grapes and mysterious wines. Terra incognita is the most.

Rose wines to try

On May 22, 2020

Rose wines to try - It smells like garrigue, the beach and summer vacations in France. This gulp of sensations came to mind when I opened the Beatines 2018 on.

During these uncertain times we all need our dose of comfort food and for me its Risotto. This classic Italian rice dish can be composed with multiple ingredients such as mushrooms, seafood.

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