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Learning to let go using self hypnosis!

By: Pierre Benoit There are countless books on self hypnosis, what it does, how it works, techniques for use, etc. There are even more books on relaxation, dedication, self-help and similar subjects. Many hypnotherapists teach self hypnosis as part of their ...

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Improving Learning Experiences

By : Pierre Benoit Learning problems can be reduced or eliminated through the use of hypnotherapy. Contributing factors – Two major factors are low self-esteem and lack of motivation. Additional factors are: poor study habits poor memory absence of reward medicine and drugs fear To get an accurate picture of ...

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Ticks for pets are back

By Valerie Brecknock – Yes people ticks are here – How do I know this, one of my cats brought them home with her last weekend. These nasty, horrible, gross, ectoparasites are out there looking for a host to feed ...

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