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by Bonnie Wurst     The new MUHC hospital, dubbed the 'Superhospital', is fast becoming an impressive part of Montreal's skyline. Over the past few years Montrealers have watched it rise into the sky at the old Glen Yards rail site with both anticipation and...

Flu season is here

On January 5, 2014

The Jewish General Hospital provides tips on how to stay healthy this holiday season Fever, aches and pains, stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing and sneezing… these symptoms are all too.

By: Donna Byrne     Chronic inflammation feeds our chronic diseases. If you don’t have a chronic disease yourself, you know someone who does. An estimated 80 percent of visits to doctor’s offices are for issues relating to chronic disease. Chronic inflammation gradually destroys an...

Natural hangover cures

On November 23, 2013

by Marina Love Veisalgia. It comes from a Norwegian word that means "uneasiness following debauchery", (veis) and also the Greek word for "pain" (algia). It occurs when your blood alcohol.

By: Donna Byrne   "Home is where one starts from." -T. S. Eliot. Home is our starting point. Most of our first experiences happen at home. First laugh. First steps. First words. In our homes we build relationships and skills that will deeply affect us...
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