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Is Donald Trump Cooked?

In News , Opinion
On May 28, 2020
U.S. president Donald Trump has never been described as having a small ego, but was especially full of himself in January, 2020.  However, is Donald Trump Cooked? The president gave a triumphant state of the union address just after the Democrats failed to impeach him in...
Some people arrive early so they can to smoothly navigate their way through a food shopping expedition. Others hold back until moments before closing, joining the last trickle of people making their way towards the cash registers. Then there are those, the many, who arrive...
One of the hottest channels available in ADHDLTV (Analog Digital Hot Definition Log Television) is holding open pit auditions for a new, flaming log - and maybe you have the spark that it takes! After decades of offering hours upon hours of virtual warmth, a...
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