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By: Dan Laxer I’m not really going to take too much of a stand on the camouflage pants that members of our police force have been wearing, because I’ve kind of stopped caring. I mean, it’s good for a laugh. But the last time I...
  By Bonnie Wurst – mtltimes.ca In the real world... Hydro-QC recently announced it made $1.8 billion this past winter, thanks to how cold it was. Their profits increased 2.2 per cent to $1.79 billion in the first quarter and electricity sales in Quebec increased by...
By Dan Laxer --mtltimes.ca Only in Canada can a story like this come out in the news on April 1st, and not be an April Fool’s prank. I checked hours later just to make sure the CBC didn’t pull the original posting since, you know,...

Anti-Semitic Vandalism

On February 28, 2015

By Dan Laxer --mtltimes.ca  A couple of weeks ago I waxed cynically about JDL-Canada’s foray into Montreal. Today I awoke to news, as we all did, of an anti-Semitic incident.


Je Suis Charlie

In Life , Opinion
On January 16, 2015
By Dan Laxer – mtltimes.ca Am I Charlie? No. But I almost have to say that I am to avoid the accusation that I do not stand for free expression. Which I do. To a point. The Charlie Hebdo killings happened in the land that...
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