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By Marco Giovanetti--mtltimes.ca Remember the traditional wine rule “white wine with fish; red wine with meat"? Besides being too rigid, that so-called rule implies that wine is meant for only fish and meat. But what about vegetables? What about bountiful salads? As I browsed the...

New wave of Sicilian wines

In Wine
On April 22, 2015
By Marco Giovanetti --mtltimes.ca To say that the north and the south in Italy don’t always get along is an understatement. The country’s different regions can be as disparate and discordant as different family clans. And the very south, Sicily, is sometimes perceived as a...

Texture in wine

On April 16, 2015

By Marco Giovanetti --mtltimes.ca What do wine writers mean when they talk about the texture of a wine? What words do they use to describe a wine's texture? When we.


Riesling love

In Life , Wine
On March 22, 2015
By Marco Giovanetti --mtltimes.ca  Riesling is one of the three most popular white wine varietals and often one of the best discoveries for many new wine enthusiasts. Riesling is grown in wine regions everywhere but is the dominant grape variety grown in Germany. German Rieslings...

Wine & Romance

On February 6, 2015

By Marco Giovanetti --mtltimes.ca It’s a timeless truth – Wine and Romance just seem to go together.  About it, Ovid the Roman poet, in his 17 A.D. treatise entitled “The.

By Marco Giovanetti - mtltimes.ca On this week column, I will take a look at Chardonnay, the world's most important white grape variety or the king of white grapes. Let's consider the evidence. Of all the major white varieties, Chardonnay is the most widely planted...

Wines for the end of summer

On September 30, 2014

By Marco Giovanetti - mtltimes.ca Summer is almost to an unfortunate end and this means different things for many people. School and returning to work. Basically the mundane routine. These.

Canada Braii day

On September 20, 2014

By Marco Giovanetti - mtltimes.ca By the time this column is published, Canada Braii day will be here. Braai is the Afrikaans term for barbeque – a popular hobby in.


Minimalism in Natural wine

In Wine
On September 4, 2014
By Marco Giovanetti - mtltimes.ca As I am writing my article for this week edition while sipping Julien Altaber Sextant Bourgogne (http://glou-mtl.com/), I cannot stop thinking about the applications of art & philosophy in the natural wine word, More specifically, on Minimalistic philosophy and its...
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