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The top Award winning Canadian whiskey is a jury of ten independent whisky experts has named Pike Creek Oloroso-finished 21-Year-Old Canada’s best whisky at the tenth annual Canadian Whisky Awards gala, held on Thursday, January 16 at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Victoria, BC. Chair of the judging panel, Davin de...
It is my strong belief that one of the most overlooked white wines coming from Spain and France are those crafted from Garnacha Blanca. Grenache Blanc (Garnacha Blanca), a variation of Grenache Noir, was born in Spain and travelled  to France where it's a support...
There are those consumers who are hopefully devoted to the charms of red wine. I can't blame them because me as well fall under the spell of a spicy Grenache or a robust Cabernet. However, each wine has its place for every occasion, mood or...

Great wines for the patio

In Life , Wine
On May 1, 2019
As we enter in May ( the month of flowers), eventually the weather will warm up and will be comfortable enough to have a glass of wine in your back patio. Patio lifestyle embodies what John Keats said when he mused, “Give me books, fruit,...
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