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JFL – The Ethnic Show review


The Ethnic Show review – After attending the premiere of The Ethnic Show last week at Club Soda for its 10th edition, it once again proved that it is one of the most solidly entertaining shows on Just For Laughs’ immense schedule.

Once again helmed by Ethnic Show veteran Maz Jorbani – who had a few things to say about construction in Montreal, blue jeans and private schools – this year’s line-up of multi-cultural comics proved that you can have a few good laughs when it comes to ethnic diversity and understanding.

Francisco Ramos entertained the full house talking about silent letters in English words, mixed races and imitating Donald Trump performing as Julius Caesar; Gina Brillon dealt with people who fail miserably to have a good time and millennial girls who get angry at cars; newcomer Matteo Lane won over the crowd with how he came out to his Italian family (“Italian men look so gay, that they pass for straight”) and actor auditions; late addition Loyiso Gola from South Africa gave the audience an unforgettable lesson in language (especially 11 of them in his native South Africa) and semantics (especially the concept of onomatopoeia) that would have made a linguistics teacher proud; and the always high strung Orny Adams closed the show with a killer set that dealt with how old people and technology just do not go together, how travelling to Israel with a van filled with 12 Jewish people was similar to a horror movie, and the pitfalls of shopping with coupons.

Once again, the Ethnic Show proved why it starts the festival for me on a hilarious note, and it should be part of your festival, too. It continues its run until July 26.

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By: Stuart Nulman – info@mtltimes.ca
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