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Reveurs definitifs an enchanting experience


There are shows that are meant to be caught, and other shows that are meant to be experienced. “Reveurs definitifs”, which is being presented as part of the Juste pour rire comedy festival until July 15 at the St. Denis Theatre II, falls into the latter category.

Currently on its inaugural run before it embarks upon a 400-show world tour, “Reveurs definitifs” is an unprecedented spectacle that eclectically combines magic, music, dance, comedy and illusion. Under the guidance of director Raphael Navarro, you are taken into a dream-like world that is nothing short of an exercise in enchantment, as the audience is constantly amazed at what this company of dancers, magicians, illusionists and comedians can do to challenge and entertain.

Reveurs definitifs

Personal favourite segments in this show include two separate segments with Yann Frisch and Mick Holsbeke, in which the former wages a constant – and sometimes frustrating – battle with pesky red and green balls that just keep multiplying and disappearing (and gives new meaning to the expression “the hand is quicker than the eye”); dancer Ingrid Estarque’s routines that include instances of personal levitation; and a wonderful visual spectacular that involves an old man and a flock of doves in flight. As well, popular Montreal musician Patrick Watson provides the music soundtrack to this show, which wonderfully complements the show’s mystique.

“Reveurs definitifs” is enchanting entertainment for the whole family, and for those who believe in the power of dreams or not, will certainly find it quite the experience, not to mention what the new wave in live entertainment is all about. For more information, or to purchase tickets, go to: www.hahaha.com

By: Stuart Nulman – mtltimes.ca
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