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Happy Birthday Bord’Elle! One year later and this unique Boutique Bar and Eatery continues to amaze


A celebration filled with bubbles and burlesque!

I remember when I first walked into Bord’Elle a year ago, my first thoughts were: Wow! This place is definitely different. I instantly felt comfortable, like I belonged. Having been 27 years old at the time and now 28, I remember feeling excitement. I had found a location where not only most of the attendees were my age, but the music was nostalgic and the drinks were just what the doctor ordered.

Fast forward to a year later and the excitement I felt on opening night was the exact same I felt at their one year anniversary party. A year ago, Bord’Elle stood out for being a hotspot where a more mature clientele can spend their weekends. But now, Bord’Elle is much more than that. According to founder and part-owner John Jay Gumbley, a lot has changed in one year, but many of his expectations were met.

“I expected it to do well,” Gumbley says. “We were much busier than I ever would have expected on opening night. It was a full house!” That it was! I remember seeing a sea of people with hundreds begging to come in, just to get a taste of what this Great Gatsby-looking bar had to offer.

Bord’Elle initially had set out to establish a canapé-style menu, but that didn’t last very long. “The biggest thing that has changed for us is the food,” Gumbley explains. “Our weekend dinner services are sold out four to six in advance. We went from being a menu of bits and bites to a full-fledged menu that contains 30 items.” From Tomahawk steaks to high-end lobster and sea food platters, to salmon and oysters. Bord’Elle’s menu is the creation of Executive Chef Andrew Bajjani who, in a few short years, worked his way up to create some of the most succulent dishes.

For their anniversary, Bord’Elle invited Kim Kardashians BFF Jonathan Cheban also known as @foodgood and Masterchef USA winner Dino Luciano who prepared a one-time dish for the event.

The night was oozing with positive vibes and an eclectic ambiance. Guests had the chance to view live Burlesque shows, watch Chef Dino Luciano break out in dance, and hang out with Kim K’s BFF Jonathan Cheban, who is one of the nicest people I’ve met! The music was perfect as it always is at Bord’Elle, and the  alcohol shots were flowing. As a regular customer, one of the things I appreciate the most is being able to communicate with staff and be part of their experience. Managers, owners, bartenders, barmaids and dancers are always there to have a drink with you, chat with you and welcome you, not only as a paying customer, but as part of their own.

“When we did open Bord’Elle, we put a girl on a swing and that made us different. We realized a girl on a swing is cool for a little bit, but that wouldn’t keep people coming for much longer. Now, we have aerialists that perform and live Burlesque shows on Thursday nights,” says Gumbley.

The unique Bar and Eatery is always looking for ways to stay relevant while keeping a nostalgic charm. Every year the entertainment will evolve. Bord’Elle opened its doors with a roaring 20’s theme and will continue to take their customers back in time by providing them years of pleasure in a different time capsule. In 2018, they will emphasize on the 30’s and goers will notice a change in their style. “It will always look the same, but we might change the imagery and the decades we choose will influence the music we play.”

This grandiose experience nestled in the Old Port is the perfect location for a date night, a girls night, a bachelor party or just to kick it on a Thursday night for drinks. Whatever your poison, Bord’Elle will serve you with their finest cocktails and feed your soul with delicious dishes. Cheers to one year and as we say in Italian: “a cento anni!”

By Alyssa De Rosa – info@mtltimes.ca

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