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Unbelievable advances in gaming technology


The digital world is changing tremendously and becoming more sophisticated year after year. The applications dependent on this technology are also becoming advanced accordingly. This can be seen in every sector of life. Be it banking, education, business, gaming, vehicles, home appliances- every other thing is leaning on digital technology to offer innovative solutions to its users. Read on to know more about the advancements in the Gaming world.

1. Speech Recognition Technology

It has been few years since we are using speech recognition in many other fields. The best examples have been for the Google searches, Siri and even in car systems. This technology has now entered into the world of gaming wherein the users can send voice commands to the computers. Many other uses of voice recognition tech includes social media interaction, controlling the game via voice commands and even turning the console on and off.

2. Fabulous Game Graphics

With the help of modern Graphics processing units (GPUs), a very efficient image processing and manipulation of computer graphics can be achieved. Compared to the general purpose CPUs, GPUs have given unbelievable quality of the images. This makes the gaming experience very practical.

3. Gaming via Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality gaming is another experience all together. Although this has been released into the market, its popularity is still dormant. Imagine entering a 3-dimensional game, interacting and playing inside that digital environment. That is what we call virtual reality gaming and is done using a VR headset.  The environment in these kinds of games seems very realistic.

4. Gaming through Gestures

A technology known as Gesture Control lets a person play games via gestures, has been gaining popularity in the market. Gesture Control is the feature wherein the human body movements are identified, interpreted and are used to communicate with the computer systems without actually touching it. Presently, one can find shooter games sponsored by Intel RealSense technology that use the gesture control technology.

5. 4K Resolution Displays

The days of 1080p are soon coming to an end. With Ultra 4K displays, get ready to experience gaming graphics like never before. Ultra 4K displays coupled with virtual reality and gesture control are sure to give some hardcore gaming goals! The sharpness and vibrant colours that are displayed via Ultra 4K screens is a treat to viewer’s eyes.

6. Gaming on Demand

It is also known as Cloud Gaming. And as it suggests the developers of the games are thinking to dump the load into the cloud instead of the old fashioned method of creating video games that need heavy hardware. By this new method the limitation of the memory goes out of the window and gamers will be able to access the massive sized games via the internet.

7. Gaming via Augmented Reality

If one is tired being confined to the display screens, get on to encounter another amazing invention called augmented reality. It is the technology that layers the image generated by computer onto the user’s view of the actual world and finally gives an amalgamated field of vision. After gaming via VR, augmented reality gaming is the next big thing.

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