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VR, Mobile and Beyond: Gaming In Montreal


Montreal has the second highest population in Canada, with the city having 1.7 million inhabitants and the metropolitan area over 4 million. It’s one of the most bilingual cities in the country with over half the population able to speak English and French.

Montreal has everything its citizens need, although there were complaints for a few years there was a lack of arcade bars. Being able to have a drink while playing a game is a favourite pastime for Canadians relaxing after a hard day’s work. That could be in an arcade or playing online in the comfort of their own home.

Playing pinball machines or one-armed bandits while having a snack and a drink can be a very pleasant way of socializing with your friends and relatives and is why the arcade bars are so popular.

Gaming Online

Playing games online has become much more popular with the explosion of smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, you don’t need to access a PC to play your favorite game, you just need a digital device. Even the internet is not always needed, as some of the games you can play offline as well. You do not even have to be in one place, but can enjoy your games while on the move.

There are all types of games available, from adventure games to puzzle games, everything from games for young children to online casinos for adults. There is a huge choice and it can be difficult to choose which one is best. There is lots of advice on the internet about which sites to play and which ones to avoid, such as makeuseof.com, which has advice on how to make your children cyber smart, and nodeposit.ca which offers reviews and comparisons of online casinos.

Some of the online gaming rules and regulations in Montreal are not very clear if the site you are playing on is based in another country. The laws regarding gaming and gambling in Canada are very liberal compared to some other countries, but when it comes to online gaming, there are still some issues that the government needs to clarify.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Montreal has become one of Canada’s leading centers for technology and innovation, and one of the outcomes of such focus is virtual reality. With VR arcades like MontVR and A/Maze players can immerse themselves in the imaginary worlds created by Vive, Oculus, Oculus Touch and PlayStation. Suitable for individual or group play, the arcades can be a great outing for the family or other groups. Games can be played against each other as well, so tournaments are not out of the question.

There Is More To Montreal Than Gaming

Montreal is a great place to visit for enjoyable gaming experiences, but there is more to the city than just gaming.  It has 151 landmarks and sights, 48 nature parks, 92 museums or historic buildings, shopping, nightlife, theatres, restaurants, gyms, boat tours, and anything else you can think of that you would expect from such a vibrant and thriving location.

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