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A perfect way to spend time at home – Jigsaw Jungle


Jigsaw Jungle – A nondescript warehouse in a Lasalle industrial park is hiding heaven for all who like jigsaw puzzles. Canada’s largest jigsaw puzzle retailer–and one of the largest of its kinds in the world–is here. But some “puzzlers” already know how to find Jigsaw Jungle, making pilgrimages from across Quebec, Ontario, and beyond.

“We have some 100,000 puzzles in-stock in our 7,500 square foot facility,” proclaims Robert Vineberg, Jigsaw Jungle’s owner and CEO. “Jigsaw Jungle is a small company, but we compete well against the big guys. We have a massive selection of puzzles ranging from 2 pieces up to the world’s largest at 43,000 pieces; you can’t find this stuff elsewhere. Our selection, service and prices are phenomenal!”

Despite its large inventory, Jigsaw Jungle is a small company by number of employees; only five work here, not counting two Great Danes, Fergus & Brix, employed as part-time greeters.

“Naturally, the iconic Ravensburger brand is here, but also many others of equivalent quality: Castorland, Clementoni, Cobble Hill, Educa, Eurographics, HEYE, Jumbo, Trefl, and White Mountain, to name just a few. We also have innovative startups here, such as JaCaRou, as well as word games from Melissa & Doug. Puzzlers will want to spend the whole day here.”

There is no luxurious showroom here, simply racks and racks of puzzles from some 45 different manufacturers. There are different skill levels, themes, number of pieces, and artists to choose from.

Robert Vineberg, Jigsaw Jungle’s owner and CEO

“While roughly 90% of our business is online, our warehouse is also open to the public. We ship almost anywhere, but many clients prefer to place their orders online and pick-up at our warehouse, or shop directly on the premises.”

Vineberg sees jigsaws as a growth industry, dispelling the notion that it caters mainly to kids. “Our typical customer is between 35 and 75 years old..”

“Our website details the health benefits of doing jigsaws, which develop dexterity, relieve stress, and help keep the mind sharp. Puzzles can help ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s.”

McGill University is among Jigsaw Jungle’s customers, putting out puzzles in the libraries during exam period, an effective stress relief technique.

Montreal Times 24. 32 March 9, 2019

Vineberg enjoys interacting with puzzlers, “I love to see the look on our customers’ faces when they first visit the warehouse and see all of the puzzles we have over 2 floors. It’s also nice to see total strangers sharing tips and exchanging information. For us, it’s all about the clients; we personally sign every packing slip on our shipments.”

For its online operations, Jigsaw Jungle offers fast, flat-rate shipping in North America as well as a various options for overseas orders.”

The public can visit from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Thursday, or Friday from 9am to 2pm. Free parking is available on site. The 113 Bus will get you there from Angrignon metro .

Jigsaw Jungle

8126 Jean-Brillon, Lasalle H8N 2J5

514.331.3346 | 1.877.758.6453

JigsawJungle.com | BuyPuzzles.com

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