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Actionable marketing tips for all brands on Instagram


marketing tips – Instagram has changed a lot since its early days. Before, it was the best app out there for sharing photos of how you were doing, and it provided a nice break when you wanted to see some beautiful pictures. However, it has now become one of the top apps for marketing and brand building today. These changes have made the platform stand among the important parts of people’s lives today, and it particularly benefits online businesses.

The platform has also grown in leaps and bounds. As of current statistics, it has over one billion users today, 800 million who are active. More than 95 million photographs are shared every day, making it very difficult to ignore. If you want your brand to grow, this platform needs to be among the top strategies to increase your reach.

However, the question is – how do you use the platform effectively. Everyone knows how to create an account, but growing it is another task that requires dedication. Instead of resorting to automatic likes alone to increase your engagement levels, there are other strategies you can use to boost your marketing efforts. Read on to find out some of them.

Creating a killer Instagram profile

Because Instagram is a visual platform, it does not allow the use of words that much – at least not to the extent of other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The only place to take advantage of wording to market yourself is in your bio, so it is very important to create a good one for marketing reasons (especially for smaller brands). This also allows any visitor to your profile to know what your business is about.

Think of your bio as your pitch, and do your best to include the important aspects of who you are and what you do. It is also very important to include keywords, as this helps your account to have a greater chance of being discovered. In case you need help on getting the best keywords, you can use tools like the SE Ranking keyword research.

In addition, you can include a link that leads to a landing page – this can help increase traffic to your e-commerce site, conversions and so on. Recent additions to the bio include the use of hashtags and profile usernames, which are all clickable and can be useful when promoting your business. Adding contact information is also very easy, especially on business profiles; and including the best collection of highlights of your Instagram stories is also a great way of telling your followers the story of your brand.

An extra aspect to note is the profile picture you use. It is vital to use the best picture you can get, because this is the first impression all your visitors will get before they check your posts or your bio.

 Educating yourself on the various types of content

The best way to ensure your success on the platform is knowing the different content types and how to use them. For this reason, it is best to keep a close watch on engagement based content, instead of only looking at promotional content. Make sure to experiment with different types in your strategy to find the one that works the best for you.

For instance, you can use a mix of text, photos and videos, show the most popular products and services you offer in form of a slideshow, or switch it up by putting a before-and-after sequence of photos and Spot the difference formats.

All of these are unique methods of marketing your brand and making it stand out quickly from your competitors, while assisting you to improve organic engagement levels.

Take a risk and make mind-blowing videos

Instagram is a good medium for visual content, and sharing photos is a good way of attracting an audience. However, did you know that videos can attract three times more traffic compared to a written post?

In fact, if you want to boost your traffic by high levels and get visitors to check you out, take advantage of videos. Instagram has made things easier for many because it includes video-editing features that are easy to use and allow you to create interesting content.

For instance, you can make short videos by putting different images together, add some how-to videos for the DIY audience, make funny content or share something around major holidays.

 Do not ignore Instagram stories

These are among the best ways to create a strong interest in your brand and tell your story – in fact, it gives you a greater chance to do that than a written post. Followers and other users can quickly notice it because it sits at the top of home pages and in the Explore page when they search on various topics, so it gives you greater exposure.

Their popularity is increasing quickly, and today, more Instagram users watch Instagram stories compared to the usual photo post. The great thing about these stories is they give you extra avenues of engagement with your audience – such as creating polls, running ads and campaigns, interactive live broadcasts, give special offers and discounts, and highlight any new products you are working on.

Note that when you decide to place links in the story, make sure the URL is short. This helps the people viewing your story to easily remember it even if they decide to check the link later on. In addition, update your stories every day, since Instagram stories have a maximum time limit of 24 hours.

Using raw photos

The initial purpose for Instagram was to give photographers and artists a place to share their photos, so you can post photos that have not been edited extensively using Photoshop or other overlay apps. Mention important aspects about the photo – for instance the price of the product being shown, and .

Final thoughts

These and many more tips can help you increase your engagement organically, as it is difficult to succeed without a proper plan in place.

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