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Advergaming and Gamification: Funny and effective digital marketing trends


Since its inception to the present day, the gaming industry has grown in thousands of ways. Video games have been combined with the financial world (forex), education (flight simulators, vocabulary-learning games or interactive lessons in Second Life) and other social events, in a way that would have been difficult to imagine when our grandparents played tennis for two. In particular, there are two aspects in which video games have evolved in effective digital marketing trends: Advergaming and Gamification. These two modern digital phenomena are real strategies for promoting the development, communication and exchange of offers.

The interesting thing about both forms of marketing is that even though users hate online advertising (they wait for an ad to be over on YouTube, they close popups, delete junk emails) they are indifferent to advertising while they are playing. They even accept it and also share it on their social networks to improve their gaming experiences. The world of advertising and marketing has also benefited from video games, knowing that by satisfying the need for players to keep playing and competing against others there are thousands of marketing possibilities.

Effective digital marketing trends

What is advergaming?

This strategy aims to incorporate ads into video games to attract the interest of potential consumers by creating a product or brand name. It occurs when the user enjoys his gaming experience. The goal of Advergaming is that during the game, comments, panels and logos appear explicitly and subliminally and creates a mental mark on the minds of consumers.

However, this is not the only way to build this technique. Owing to the repeated exposure of consumers to the marketed brand, the brand’s ideals may be assimilated, and this occurs consciously.

Think of FIFA video games. Throughout the entire game, you can see the passive advertisement of the companies like VISA Card, Sony PlayStation, Red Bull Energy Drink, and many others.


On the other hand, gamification is the use of the strategies, components and dynamics of games and leisure to improve motivation and develop habits to solve challenges or to achieve goals. The main purpose of this approach is to apply techniques to games outside their context, usually to promote a certain action on the part of the consumer. In this context, the consumer is going to do something that he might condemn in other circumstances. Gamification makes any task more appealing and exciting and does so by cultivating the desired behaviours. This technique can encourage people to perform tasks they consider to be cumbersome, such as completing surveys, shopping, or reading advertisement material.

One tactic that has become more and more popular is to introduce gamification elements in the form of loyalty programs and VIP reward schemes. These give you more and more rewards as you gain points by playing, which encourages you to keep spinning slots, playing cards and being a general casino boss. This is very beneficial for casino players. Online casinos like https://www.greatbritaincasino.com/ provide such features.

How will 5G improve the gaming marketing?

Gamers are delighted with the launch of the 5th generation of the mobile internet network.  Having better, more secure, and much faster internet networks will allow gamers to enjoy their games much more comfortably, while they can expect a vast number of newer games to show.

To sum it up

These two digital marketing techniques have become very popular in recent years. This is mainly because games are quite addictive, and a constant source of needs in general. Also, when Advergaming and Gamification are implemented properly, the consumption of goods and services increases markedly and advertising costs decrease. Hence it is like a Win-Win situation.

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