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Café Dei Campi: An Innovative Italian Café in Rosemont


Review – Who isn’t a fan of strong Italian expresso ? You’ll probably find the best cup of coffee in Italy, but we’re bringing Italy to you. Café Dei Campi is a family run local business, situated in Rosemont La Petite Patrie. I used to live in the area and every morning, without fail, I’d grab an expresso and a chocolate cannoli for breakfast to start my day off properly. Café Dei Campi is not just like any other Italian café or restaurant in Montreal. Not only do they serve deliciously rich and quality coffee, all of their pastries, sweet-treats, bread and lunch dishes are vegan (and you would NEVER know) ! Throughout the years, I’ve brought non-vegan friends to this café to impress them with vegan Italian food, and needless to say, they were mind-blown at the first bite they took. One day, when I was introducing this café to a friend and we ended up ordering almost everything off the menu, that’s how good Café Dei Campi is !


Beignes at Café Dei Campi
Beignes at Café Dei Campi (source)


Focaccia at Café Dei Campi
Focaccia at Café Dei Campi (source)


Some of their staple treats are constantly on the menu, but they do experiment a lot with making a traditional Italian dish vegan, so stay on the look-out for new menu items. The best way to follow Café Dei Campi is either through their Facebook page or their Instagram page. Their café is situated in Rosemont, just by the Père-Marquette park. Just next to them, there is a yoga club, so if you fancy a sweet treat, you know you can burn it off next door ! During the Summer, Café Dei Campi often holds community events, such as barbecues or garage sales, so follow their Facebook page to be informed about those. We’ll leave you with a few more food pictures just in case you didn’t get the memo that this is the best place for expresso and a snack on the go !


Café Dei Campi (source)
Café Dei Campi (source)


Café Dei Campi (source)
Café Dei Campi (source)


Elsa Maret - mtltimes.ca
Elsa Maret – mtltimes.ca
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