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Blue Metropolis – Where readers and authors get together


Blue Metropolis is the other name of the Montreal International Literary Festival. The festival is also famous with a shorter name “Blue Met.”

About Blue Metropolis

Linda Leith had established Blue Met, who was a writer from Montreal. The writer, editor, and publisher Linda Leith departed in the start of 2011, and a new president was hired in the organization.

The purpose of founding this organization was making it easy to share different cultures and pleasures of writing and reading, and intercultural understanding to bring people together.

The non-profit organization was founded in 1997 with the goal of bringing people of different cultures for writing and reading together and shared their flavors with each other so that they can bring something useful to the world and encourage creativity.

The festival offers a wide range of social and educational programs available both online and offline. The sessions offered make use of various literary works to help get their message across. Thus, one may find all sorts of inspirational stories about how to succeed in life, fight against social injustice or reduce global poverty while attending these meetings. As a journalist or literature student there is also the hidden opportunity of finding new ways to improve your grades due to the sheer amount of writing techniques one can study there. Even so, some are always looking to take it a step further by consulting professionals who provide essay writing help so that their academic papers have no rival.


It all started in 1996 when three writers from the Writer’s Union of Canada started an event called “Write pour ecrire.” The goal was to bring writers of different languages together so that they can share the joy of writing with the readers.

In 1997, Linda felt the need for a festival where everyone can come and share their parts of writing and enjoy it on a large scale with more recognition. Thanks to the support of many supporters, volunteers, friends and partners, Leith founded Blue Metropolis Foundation.

The first festival of the organization took place in April 1999. The festival was full of events from English to French, literacy writing activities and much more. There were stage interviews of writers, panel discussions, and writer-reader meetups. With the huge support of volunteers, writers, and readers the foundation of Leith was able to get the recognition that they dreamt of.

With the same enthusiasm, the organization decided to organize more events for educational programs where young people can be benefited from primary school to the upper level.

Activities in The Festival

The name “Blue Metropolis” was also inspired by “On Being Blue” which is a philosophical essay. The essay was written by American writer William H. Gass in which he investigates the different connotations of “Blue” word. As the festival was about diversity and reaching to a whole new level by expanding to the different taste of people and cultures, they included a themed stream of LGBTQ in 2017. It is called as Violet Metropolis.

With the passage of time, there were more prizes and awards as the festival was growing. As in 2018, the festival created a new kind of award for writers who belong to the LGBTQ community. The Blue Metropolis Violet Prize was created to honor the writers who belong to Canadian LGBTQ writers.

  • Shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Demonstration
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Entertainment for children
  • Award ceremony

Tickets are available on the website of the event. The admission is free, and there are two types of activities pair and free. The rates start for paid activities and shows form 10$. No taxes are included in it.

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