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How the cheapest car insurance quote is calculated


Cheapest car insurance – When that time of year comes for your car insurance renewal, you will naturally want to find the cheapest car insurance quote you can. You will probably be bombarded with unsolicited mail drops from insurance companies claiming to offer just that and, if not, will have seen numerous commercials on TV extolling their highly competitive rates. The fact is there is a huge range of difference between insurance companies and you will certainly reap the rewards if you are prepared to shop around. You want to get the best deals on the market and also insurance that fits your budget. If you haven’t done so already, you could look into something like one sure customer reviews to help you make a decision on the type of insurance you may want to look into, from customer feedback.

Some people are reluctant to switch insurance companies; while others believe that because Company A offered a great insurance rate last year; it will be unbeatable this year. This may not be the case. What might have been the cheapest car insurance quote around from Company A last year is unlikely to be the cheapest this year. This is because each insurance company uses its own rating system to determine its premiums and factors in its running costs.

Essentially, the insurance premiums on your car are based around factors like the degree of risk you present, the insurance company’s business costs and the money its carrier expects to pay out in claims during the ensuing year. The cheapest car insurance quote it can offer you, therefore, depend on its calculation of your risk as a client; their estimate of what it will cost them to conduct their business; and the number of claims they anticipate being made each year.

Other factors that an insurance company takes into account when determining your premiums are your age, your driving history; the type of driving you do most often; the make and model of your car and where your car is kept. Your claims history and your credit rating are also taken into consideration. Auto insurance companies place a different weighting on these factors, which is why rates vary from company to company.

Drivers are put into groups determined by insurance companies taking account of demographics like age, gender occupation etc which insurers then use to calculate risk factors for making claims through accidents or losses. A low risk driver will, of course, invite the cheapest car insurance quote. A great deal of statistical information will have been analysed to calculate insurance rates for these groups.

Perhaps the main factor accounting for the difference in premiums between companies is the overheads of the company or their running costs. Additionally, some insurers focus on specific groups of drivers to set their rates. For example, some will offer lower rates for female drivers or drivers over 50. If you do not fit into their chosen category, you are unlikely to find the cheapest car insurance quote from that company.

Finding specific information about insurance companies can be time-consuming, and these days, with price comparison web sites allowing us to see a vast range of quotations at a glance, there is no need for such detective work. Finding the cheapest car insurance quote has become so much easier, thanks to the Internet, that it is simpler to accept that there will be huge differences between companies, and go for the one that best suits our pocket.

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