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7 common door repairs


As key home and business elements, doors support high value safety and security needs. No establishment is therefore complete without a form of door, whether it is wooden, made of steel, glass or any other form of material. In this article we will explain the 7 common door repairs.

Doors are the most frequently used parts of a home. This level of utility exposes them more to wear, tear and damage which must be repaired immediately to ensure a damaged door is not exposing your property to burglary. Door repair services in Vancouver are however affordable and 1800 Garage Doors are always available to help.

Let’s look at the 7 common door repairs:

1.     Power repairs

Automated or electrically operated commercial roll up or sectional doors require appropriate power supply for efficient operation. If the door fails to operate correctly, the power supply could be inappropriate or it could a problem with the circuit system. This problem may require that a professional technician be engaged to execute power repairs.

2.    Broken track repair

Tracks play center roles in the operation of sliding glass doors and other commercial overhead doors. When the track is broken, damaged or misaligned, the door won’t close or open properly. This situation requires that the track be checked for debris, bent ends or damages and repaired effectively.

3.    Doors that fail to open

Door failing to open may be a sign of a faulty lock mechanism, damaged door track, broken rollers and wheels or even broken springs. This situation may be dangerous to inspect by yourself. A professional is therefore needed to execute repairs. For better lock services, find locksmith in Abbotsford city.

4.    Cable and Spring Repair

Overhead garage doors rely on cables and torsion spring to open and close. When either of the parts is broken or has a problem, the door becomes too dangerous to operate. This situation requires an urgent repair.

5.    Damaged Panel

When the face of a residential or commercial door is damaged by storm or burglary, the door require repair and the panel or section that is damaged can be replaced. This also saves money that could otherwise be spent in replacing the whole door system.

6.    Worn Rollers

Rollers are prone to wear due to frequent use. Rollers should be repaired immediately they show signs of inefficiency.

7.    Sagging Doors

Doors may sag due to their weight. If the situation is not corrected in time, it may lead to other problems and the door may fail to open or close completely. These doors should be repaired immediately.

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