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Air duct cleaning services


Air Duct Cleaning Services; Why They Matter.

According to research contacted by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, the indoor air quality has been declining for the past ten years. Probably, this is because of fewer people seeking air duct cleaning services. And as you would expect, every action has its own consequences. The report also states that the number of people suffering from respiratory diseases is on the rise, and this is partly linked to poor quality indoor air quality.

Air Duct cleaning services

Your air ducts carry many contaminants, from dust, dirt, animal dander, bacteria, mould, etc. In some cases where the building has just been completed, there are leftovers of building materials that may also find their way into your rooms through the air ducts. That is also the case after renovating your home. All these particles affect indoor air quality significantly. So, one way to ensure you have clean indoor air is to opt for air duct cleaning services. These services will ensure that all the contaminants are eliminated from your air ducts, and when you turn on your HVAC system, none will be circulated in your home.

  1. What You Expect To Get From Air Duct Cleaning Services.

What do I get when I hire a professional duct cleaner to clean my ducts? This is one question that many homeowners want to get an answer to before hiring a duct company.

Here are some things you expect from the company you hire;

  • Inspection of your entire ductwork and HVAC system to know its conditions. Sometimes, apart from the accumulation of dust and debris, there could be other adverse issues, such as broken ducts. As such, a repair would be needed rather than mere cleaning of the air ducts. 
  • If the issue is dirty ducts, the company should carry out a thorough cleaning of the air ducts in your home.
  • The company might also replace filters in your furnace if necessary.
  • The company should also advise you on how to maintain your air ducts.
  1. What Kind Of Company Should You Choose?

Nowadays, there are many duct cleaning companies sprouting everywhere, and this complicates things when it comes to choosing the right company to offer you air duct cleaning services. How do you differentiate fly-by-night cleaning companies and the genuine ones? It is simple.

  1. Check Their Pricing Approach.

The price that the company quotes for you is the same price that you should pay. The price should also be reasonable. A reputable company offers flat rates pricing, and there are no hidden charges. 

  1. Company Reputation.

You want to work with a company with a good track record. As such, you want to know whether the company has other projects it has done in the past. That will assure you that you will get the best results. You can know the reputation of the company by looking at the comments on the company’s website. You may also ask for a recommendation from family members and friends.

  1. Insurance.

If the company is insured, at least you know that in case something goes wrong during the work that will be taken care of by its insurance. 

  1. Company Registration.

This will help you know whether the company is a fly-by-night company or it is there to stay. You know that if the work is not well done, the company will be responsible for the corrections. Such a company is likely to have a physical address, and therefore, you can call it back and correct the mess. In addition, you are able to build a long-work relationship with the company where you call it whenever you need air duct cleaning services. 

  1. Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Air duct cleaning is worth your time and money. By cleaning your ducts, you eliminate all dust, animal dander, dirt, and other contaminants. This means you have a dust-free home, and you and your family will not suffer from respiratory issues such as allergies and asthma.

Air duct cleaning services minimises your cooling and heating costs. Dirt, debris, and dust that accumulates in the air ducts reduce airflow by partially or entirely blocking the air passage. As such, your cooling and heating unit is forced to work twice harder than it works in order to keep your home cool or warm. This increases energy consumption and adds to utility bills.

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