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Buying your first home: things to avoid


The thought of buying your own property and being entirely responsible for it can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. It can be so easy to jump in feet first without considering the implications, so we are offering you advice on things to avoid when you are buying your first home.

Love at first sight

Yes, there has got to be something said for falling madly in love with a property when you first view it. However, that does not take into account any possible hidden flaws, which can often be revealed by having a full surveycarried out. Be sure not to rely solely on one property until you find out about the structural security and other potential pitfalls. Take your time and look round a large number of homes to ensure you get the one you want and it is the right one for you.

Buying with the wrong person

If you are buying with a friend or your significant other, it is vital that you decide if this is actually the right step for you. All too frequently, stories emerge of people moving in together and getting a joint mortgage before falling out and one moving out just months later. This would make it very difficult to remain in the house unless you are in the financial position where you could buy the other person out and afford the mortgage independently.

Focusing solely on the building

By focusing your attention solely on the building, rather than the neighbourhood, you run the risk of buying a beautiful home in a terrible location. Checking out the area, for example Griffintown Real Estate, will allow you to find out the precise statistics for the area you are considering. Furthermore, be sure to visit any potential future home on several occasions. What you see during the day could be a completely different picture to that area at nighttime.

Not shopping around for a mortgage

It can be a relief being accepted for a mortgage, but have you got the best deal for you? Seek advice from an independent financial advisor and they will be able to offer suggestions on which mortgage could work best for your unique situation. Do not be tempted to simply go with the first one you see and think it might suit. Take your time and be certain before committing.

Not being financially prepared

You may have saved enough for a hefty deposit and are confident that you can pay the mortgage each month, but what about the other costs associated with owning your own home. The cost of moving itself can be quite high if you use a removals company. Legal fees will also set you back. Don’t forget the price of furniture and white goods. Most bought properties will not come with these included. Consider the long-term costs of having your own property too. If you do not have enough to cover the monthly bills or to fix something, for example the boiler, if it goes wrong, you may need to wait a little longer until your financial position is stronger.

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