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Court upholds Pointe Claire’s decision to demolish Pioneer Bar


demolish Pioneer Bar – The Superior Court of Quebec rendered a judgment on October 16th, upholding the City Council of Pointe Claire’s decision to approve the demolition of former resto-bar Le Pionnier and allow construction of a mixed-use commercial and residential building in the heart of the Pointe-Claire Village. At an appeal meeting in August of 2018, where close to two-hundred of Pointe-Claire’s residents were vehemently against the city’s plan to tear down the bar – Mayor John Belvedere and the Demolition Committee voted in favour of the development, after taking questions for over two hours. It was much to the disappointment of those who opposed it, including members of Heritage Pointe-Claire.

“We wish to thank each and every citizen who came out last night to stop this demolition. Being that it was vacation time and hundreds of you turned up is a true testament to your passion for your heritage and the worry for the direction that your city is heading in. Although the demolition was approved, the condo project itself was not accepted in its present form and there is an appeal process so it is not a completely done deal yet. We have not given up!” read a post on the ‘Save The Pioneer’ Facebook page after the appeal meeting. Much to their disappointment once again, the demolition and development project has been given court approval.

In a press release sent out after the Superior Court’s judgement, Mayor Belvedere stated in reaction to the verdict, “This real-estate project is in line with the Pointe-Claire Village Special Planning Program adopted in 2016, aimed at promoting its revitalization.”

Pioneer has stirred up strong emotions

‘For the past few months now, the topic of the former resto-bar Le Pionnier has stirred up strong emotions from a group of citizens who are opposed to it. The City has respected the legal process and even agreed to a safeguard order to preserve the current building until the Courts provide a ruling’ the release also states. “It is important for us to make sure collective interests are protected; and this is what we have done, with complete transparency and respect for those involved, whether they are in favour of the project or not,” the Mayor added. ‘The case was heard less than six months after the application was filed with the Superior Court last May, notably thanks to the agreement allowing for a safeguard order to be issued for the building’. How do you feel about it? Could it be a positive turn for the village – or the end of its unique and special charm?

By: Bonnie Wurst – info@mtltimes.ca

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