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Fiberglass doors: Are they strong


Are Fiberglass Doors Strong? There are many materials you can use for your entry doors replacement. Apart from exterior doors, you have other options, such as steel and wood materials. But why do many people opt for fiberglass entry doors?

One thing that makes fiberglass material prevalent among homeowners is its ability to mimic wood and its strength of steel. So, whether you are looking for the aesthetic appeal of wood or the durability of steel, you are going to get it if you choose fiberglass doors. They provide both worlds.

Fiberglass doors
Fiberglass doors: Are they strong
  1. Excellent medium between wood and steel

Fiberglass doors provide excellent optimisation when it comes to appearance, energy efficiency, maintenance, and material. While wood is known to provide the best aesthetic appeal, it requires a lot of maintenance.

Steel is quite strong and offers good insulation, but you might not want to use it. It requires painting since when the steel is exposed to air, it rusts.

As such, fiberglass doors Toronto are the best option to choose if you want to enjoy the benefits of steel and wood. They are strong, durable, and aesthetically appealing.

  1. Tough In Extreme Weather Conditions.

Entry doors in Toronto offers excellent resistant to tough weather. They are practically weather resistant, a property that is contributed by the compression moulding process that is completely even, crack-free, sealed and without breaks; something that is hard to achieve with natural products such as wood.


  1. Tough in all conditions

Fiberglass doors have many advantages compared to the wood beyond extreme weather resistant. They can resist scratches, dents, and is not vulnerable to rot or rust.

In addition, they are not prone to warping, bowing due to weather elements, nor they don’t chip or peel off. They cannot be affected by insects and last for a long time.

  1. Variety of styles

Fiberglass doors are found in various styles. Regardless of the style of your home, you can be sure you will get a design that will complement your home. Dutch, decorative, classic, and craftsman are just some of the styles you can opt for.

  1. Texture

Unlike metal doors, which come with a smooth texture, fiberglass doors come with a texture that mimics wood material. For instance, you can choose a door that mimics either mahogany, fir, or oak to have a more natural look.

Fiberglass can also be found in distressed texture that looks even more natural. In fact, it gets harder to differentiate fiberglass from wood.

  1. Energy efficiency

If you choose fiberglass entry doors, you will be guaranteed of maximum energy efficiency. It maintains your home warmer during the winter and cool in summer compared to natural wood or steel. This is because they come with an insulating material that improves their energy efficiency.

It is also worth noting that fiberglass entry doors offer five times more insulation compared to its counterpart wood. This is one aspect that you should consider if you are looking to reduce your monthly energy utility bills.

  1. Security

Fiberglass exterior doors are some of the best doors to choose if you want to improve the security of your home. They provide top-notch security to your home, but you should ensure that they are correctly installed. They remain sturdy over time, unlike wood, which deteriorates over time. They are made with high impact synthetic material that is resistant to kicks, blows, or any other form of force exerted on them.

In addition, their composite frames have an excellent holding power compared to wood frames. It is quite hard to break.

  1. Is it worth your penny?

One thing you must note is that the price of doors Toronto is not going to be cheap. So, if you have decided to use fiberglass, you should be ready financially. However, the best thing is that over time, the cost of replacing such doors will be recouped back. This is possible through reduced heating and cooling costs, low maintenance, and security.

The initial cost of your replacement doors will vary depending on various factors, such as the style, sizes, and whether there is customization needed. For homeowners living in older homes, it can be hard to use these doors since they come with their frames. That means if you don’t have a standard door, you may need specialists’ services.

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