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Good reasons to upgrade your garage door opener


Are you moving into a new home with faint expectations? Or you have just bought a second hand home and you are doubting the integrity of your garage door? The n it is time to think about changing your garage door opener. You can also upgrade your home security by simply upgrading the garage door opener.

As the part of your house that controls your entry, a faulty garage door opener can expose you or your vehicle to burglary or even the effects of bad weather. This may occur when the lock system suddenly fails or when the transmission system jams. You may also want to upgrade your garage door opener for the good reasons. The premier company that offers affordable garage door repair in Tsawwassen, is located in GTA and offers several features with respect to garage door repair.

This article however discusses some of the good reasons to upgrade your garage door opener. 

Battery Back Up

Frequent blackouts can really disappoint with a remotely controlled garage door. You should consider upgrading your lock system by installing a batter back up, just in case power outages occur.

Wireless Smart Home Features

This is the latest garage door feature that allows you to control entry from a mobile based app. You can therefore open or close the door from any location. The system also alerts you when the door is open and you can take any action to improve your hole safety.

Keypad Entry

Keypad entry is a safer, better and most responsive garage door opener technique. Perform this upgrade to help your staff or family members access the property at a sense of fingerprints or by keying in some codes into the keypad. You will never need to walk around with that bulky bunch of keys!

Quieter Operation

The older garage door operates using a chain drive which is much noisier than the modern belt drives. Chain drives make louder noises during operation and can be unworthy in quiet environments. Consider replacing it with the quieter belt drive for quieter, safer and comfortable garage door operation.

Automatic Reversal

Automatic reversal is a safety feature that has been in operation since 1993. It consists of two sensors that can detect pets and humans when any of them passes through thee light beam. When the door sensor detects an object while in the process of closing, it reverses and makes it safer for the animal or human to gain entry without injury. Uxbridge garage door repair services are affordable. If your garage door lacks this feature, it could be the right time to have it installed by the experts.

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