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Home building trends to expect in Montreal in 2020


The home prices in Montreal will continue to surge in 2020. According to a forecast released by Royal LePage, the combined prices of all home classifications in the city will  increase by 5.5 percent to CAD $457,900. This is similar to the numbers recorded in the previous year. The real estate company also foresee that the city will have the highest aggregate home price increase in Canada due to several factors. It includes Montreal’s low vacancy rate, the city’s thriving economy, and the increasing number of Millennials looking for family dwellings. 
Because of this, plenty of homeowners are willing to learn the  costs of selling their properties and offer them at a higher rate. To further increase the value of Montreal homes, here are several home building trends that you can follow this year. 
Storm-Immune Housing
Montreal is  no stranger to extreme storms like freezing rain, hail, violent winds, heavy rains, and storms. Because of this, the city can benefit from building homes that can resist these severe weather conditions. If you plan to construct a storm-resistant home, you need to consider the condition of the land where your property stands. If you live in a flood-prone area, you must consider all the necessary precautions against the wind and water. You need to fortify the roof and walls of the home to help avoid immediate destruction. 
The materials used in your home also matters if you want to strengthen it. According to Delaware-based design team Blenheim Homes, using premium materials and outstanding construction methods can help protect your home investment. So make sure that you will only  use the sturdiest home building materials to make sure that it can withstand any storms. 
Connected Home Technology
Since most people are constantly online for different reasons, the need to build connected homes continues to surge. Home builders can come up with houses linked to a network that allows interconnection with different devices, apps, and services. Using an app on one’s phone or tablet, the homeowner can monitor everything inside the house.
They can even lock it or turn off the lights and faucets even if they are far away from the property. It can also allow homeowners to have peace of mind since it can give them the assurance that their homes are in perfect condition even if they are on a holiday in a different country. 
These trends in home building can further increase the sales of home properties in Montreal. It can allow possible buyers to have more options when looking for their ideal home in the city. Since these require more advanced construction techniques, you can expect to see a price surge for these types of homes. 

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