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Home elevators are becoming popular in Montreal


Home elevators used to be a rarity but are now getting attention from homeowners who want to add convenience and value to old or new homes. Montreal realtors are becoming adept at showcasing homes that have elevators. Contrary to common notions, elevators are popular with people of all ages and physical abilities. A generation ago, the rare elevator-equipped home in Montreal was owned by an elderly person who couldn’t negotiate steps in two- and three-story structures where they had resided for decades.

Today, many homeowners would like to have an elevator in their residence. One reason has to do with the fact that people intend to stay in homes longer than in the past. For baby-boomers who plan to retire in the house they buy today, and elevator makes perfect sense, for reasons of mobility and home value.

Home elevators demand going up

There is no national repository of sales data on Canadian home elevators; industry sources are tight-lipped about financial statistics and there are no Canadian government data banks that state how many homes have elevators. But some of the biggest sellers of home elevators in both Canada and the U.S. point out that demand has gone up a lot in the past decade, both for new-home elevators and retrofits for historic homes.

The availability of simpler elevator systems, economies of scale, and lower prices for all kinds of in-home elevators means adding one to you home can pay off like never before. Modern homeowners in Le Plateau view adding an elevator as they would any value-enhancing structural improvement. In-home lifts are becoming a common part of the new buyer’s wish list along with installing a pool, replacing an original roof, adding an extra bedroom and putting in a hot tub or large deck.

There are many uses for home elevators

Owners of historic homes in Vieux Montreal often turn to elevator installation as a way to make a bed-and-breakfast handicap accessible or to avoid replacing an aging staircase. New homeowners are opting for structures that are either elevator-ready or already have a unit installed with the original build. Moving small furniture items from floor to floor is no problem, even for an economy-size home elevator. People with temporary or permanent mobility challenges don’t have to deal with dangerous staircases when they have a lift at their disposal. And parents who worry about little children falling down a flight of steep stairs can add to their luck and view home elevators as a safety feature.

Home elevators add value

There are several different types of home elevators, all with a very wide range of costs based on how large the compartment is, how many floors it serves and other considerations. But most realtors and elevator makers agree that typical residential elevators can add significantly to a home’s long-term value. Many people in the market for homes in Canada are specifically looking for special mobility features like elevators. Virtually no one considers an elevator to be a negative factor in their home search. In any case, an average home elevator adds enough value to a home’s potential sales price that the installation expense is worthwhile in most situations.

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